How I learned to stop worrying and love program managing (an introverts guide)

When I started Program Managing instead of business analayst-ing it was a tough transition. Going from sitting alone and thinking how to solve a problem to trying to coordinate (way too many!) other people trying to solve a problem was… a lot! I’ve made some mistakes along the way, but am really enjoying and growingContinue reading “How I learned to stop worrying and love program managing (an introverts guide)”

Don’t Let Salesforce Be A Data Black Hole

I was talking with some end users the other day, and was reminded of something I hate to admit I sometimes forgot: ALWAYS ask yourself WHY am I collecting this piece of data? As system architects/admins we love having Salesforce be a rich database of information. But we should always keep in mind that weContinue reading “Don’t Let Salesforce Be A Data Black Hole”

Florida Dreamin: M&A Framework for Success Presentation

In late October, I had the chance to speak at Florida Dreamin’ on Building an M&A Framework for Success with Rebecca Gray from Capstorm. If you’d like to view a recap of this presentation, you can view it below: During the presentation, we also shared some Resources you can use in your own company toContinue reading “Florida Dreamin: M&A Framework for Success Presentation”

M&A CRM Project Components

When planning for an M&A Lead to Cash Tech Stack Migration, the CRM migration has 7 individual components within an overall project scope. These individual components can help you gauge the overall status of your project and can help you determine what “Project Done” looks like. These 7 components can be used to report internallyContinue reading “M&A CRM Project Components”

Salesforce Hero #1: Widget Worries Wi-solved

It was a normal day at Widget Company Inc. Bob and Sarah were having a meeting to discuss a new product launch. “Man am I excited for the launch of our Ultra Widget Deluxe!” Bob said. “That extra 3.6% of performance over the Ultra Widge Standard and 7.5% performance improvement over Ultra Widget Basic isContinue reading “Salesforce Hero #1: Widget Worries Wi-solved”

M&A Framework for Success

I’ve had the joy of migrating 6(!!) acquired companies into our Salesforce org and am working on/planning for 5(!!!) more concurrently. Integrating an acquired company into your Salesforce org is one of the biggest projects any Salesforce Admin, Business Analyst, Program Manager, or Developer can take on. It almost has to be seen as aContinue reading “M&A Framework for Success”

Certifications vs Experience

I’ve seen a few posts lately talking about Experience vs Certifications, and I wanted to chime in with my own two cents. Studying for Certifications has given me the knowledge to get more involved in Projects and get more EXPERIENCE. The experiences I’ve had from that has enabled me to study and earn more CERTIFICATIONS.Continue reading “Certifications vs Experience”