Book Recommendations

Books have the power to change your perspective and open you up to new horizons. Here are some favorites of mine.

In todays world people talk of finding your passion bur this book argues that is the wrong approach. Instead, this book recommends focusing on developing your skill and having that developed skill fuel your passion. This seems very applicable to the Salesforce community.

ChYou develop Salesforce skills (thank you Trailhead!) which fuels your passion for Salesforce which fuels your continued learning which fuels your passion. It’s a fantastic cycle to get stuck in!

We live in a world of constant distraction. Emails, Slack messages, Twitter, Facebook.. it never ends. This books reminds you of the value of Deep Work. Taking time to do what your company hired you to do – build real, long-term solutions to company problems. Find time to focus on moving the big rocks and delivering big value.

Check out my most recent blog post for more information about this fantastic book.

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