Certifications vs Experience

I’ve seen a few posts lately talking about Experience vs Certifications, and I wanted to chime in with my own two cents.

Studying for Certifications has given me the knowledge to get more involved in Projects and get more EXPERIENCE.

The experiences I’ve had from that has enabled me to study and earn more CERTIFICATIONS.

Everyone seems so focused on “which is better” that we forget that they work together to drive your overall career.

My wife and I had these ugly yellow outlets in our house, so I watched a YouTube video and was able to swap them for some nice white outlets. I was able to efficiently translate “head knowledge” (learning) to “real world experience” (swapping power outlets). Again, they work together – learning leading to real world experience.

At the end of the day, be kind. Someone may be focused on certifications because of free or inexpensive online learning options to move into a new (awesome!) Salesforce career from a career with limited opportunities for real world experience. Someone may have loads of experience and no certifications and we should applaud them for their wealth of knowledge. Everyone has a different background and a different experience.

What do you think? How many certifications do you have? Why have you (or have you not) pursued them?

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