Florida Dreamin: M&A Framework for Success Presentation

In late October, I had the chance to speak at Florida Dreamin’ on Building an M&A Framework for Success with Rebecca Gray from Capstorm.

If you’d like to view a recap of this presentation, you can view it below:

During the presentation, we also shared some Resources you can use in your own company to to help with building your own framework for success.

M&A Workshop Planning This planning document supports an initial Workshop to understand the acquired company’s current lead to cash process. This will lay the foundation for the development of the Go-Live checklist.

CRM M&A Acquisition Project Overview and Go-Live Checklist Includes an overview of the individual components that can help you gauge the overall status of your project and can help you determine what “Project Done” looks like. It also includes the go-live checklist, a generic project plan for M&A migrations across the lead to cash process.

I hope you find these resources useful!

Rebecca also wrote a blog post with more information: https://www.capstorm.com/capstorm-forecast/blog/

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