Salesforce Hero #1: Widget Worries Wi-solved

It was a normal day at Widget Company Inc. Bob and Sarah were having a meeting to discuss a new product launch.

“Man am I excited for the launch of our Ultra Widget Deluxe!” Bob said. “That extra 3.6% of performance over the Ultra Widge Standard and 7.5% performance improvement over Ultra Widget Basic is gong to make a big difference.”

“I know!” Sarah shared, beaming with pride.

Later that week, after the product launched, their support agents started getting cases in. But there was one problem – they had no idea which product the case was for!

“Oh no! We can’t access reports about which product is going wrong!“

Back in his base, Salesforce Hero was doing Trailhead in his Astro Jammie’s when his Problem Radar detected a problem.

“Excuse me sir” said his voice assistant OHANA (Our Hero’s Awesome Never-Fails Assistant). “We have a serious problem that needs your help.”

Salesforce Hero jumped up, tapped his ASTRO costume change (Awesome Suit To Return Order) and flew off.

“Salesforce Hero we are so glad you are here!” Bob said. “We can’t track which product a case is about!”

“Have no fear, Salesforce Hero is here! Simply add a Product Lookup field to add the product to the case!”

“Wow that’s amazing! Thanks Salesforce hero!” Sarah said, standing and cheering.

“No problem! Your Salesforce Hero is always ready to help!”

*Cue triumphant exit music*

Narrator: Whenever there is a Salesforce problem, never fear Salesforce Hero will be there to SAVE THE DAY!

Note: This story does not take into account linking cases to assets or records of products purchased by a customer. This was me having fun at 3 AM!

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