Building Your Personal Brand

On December 3rd, I am partnering with the St. Louis Salesforce Admin User Group to talk about Personal Branding at their “Ask an Expert” round table. To help me prepare, I put some thoughts down to share at the meeting so I wanted to share them on my blog as well.

Here are some tips on building your Brand:

  1. Just get Started! Share a Post, a Tweet, a Comment – just do SOMETHING.
  2. Understand your Purpose. Draft a Mission Statement. Find your Niche.
    1. I want to be a thought leader (and share things that have worked well for me) and find resources to help me on my journey to CTA.
  3. Always be Authentic. Share YOUR Voice.
  4. Set Goals for yourself. Get to X Followers. Post 1 time per week/month.
    1. I am terrible about this – a goal for 2022 is to have goals!
  5. Build your Branding. Get a Logo from Canva. Post a picture of yourself.
    1. Arch-Force: ARCH is for my hometown (St. Louis) and my goal of becoming an ARCH-itecht.
    2. I used Canva for my Arch-Force logo. It isn’t fancy but it’s a start.
  6. Check in with yourself. Is my investment of time paying off? How can I adjust my strategy?
    1. I’ve connected with lots of fantastic people – including getting to be at the Ask an Expert event! Building online connections to hopefully speak at a Dreamin event and Dreamforce eventually.
  7. Understand your Platform
    1. Twitter: Real time/small tidbits.
    2. LinkedIn: Longer thought provoking posts.
    3. YouTube: Videos in a stored Library.
    4. Blog: Your own Site (I use WordPress)

Keep in Mind!

  1. The Internet is Permanent. Be kind!
  2. Time Management is crucial. Social Media is designed to suck you in. Make sure YOU control IT and IT doesn’t control YOU.

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